5 ways to boost your business’ online presence!

1.Have a website that works on all platforms – mobile, tablet, and laptop/desktop. Would your company not have a mobile phone in the late 90’s early 2000’s? Same applies for a fully functional website in 2018. Give your customers and potential customers a 24 hour shop window to get in touch with you and increase your business.

2.Be searchable on google – if someone types your business name into google can they find you? If the answers no you could be losing customers. Get your company registered on google business and make sure you’ve some solid SEO strategies in place you get your business easily searchable.

3.Use one social media platform regularly – You dont have to have facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, snapchat, pinterest etc… but you do need to have one! Find the one which works best for your company and more importantly which works best for your clients and use that.

4.Post useful information for your clients РPost regularly on your website and post links of it to your social media. This will build up your google ranking and allow you to keep in contact with your customers

5.Keep everything up to date¬†– One of the most off putting things on a website and a reflection of your business is not having an up to date website. Customers won’t be engaged and will stop coming back if their’s nothing new to see. Dead links, buttons that don’t work can really put people off your site and they may presume your company also operates it’s daily business in that way too.

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