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Web design, web development and digital marketing projects worked on: 

Mov3ment Gym

D.S Web D.D designed and built the website for Mov3ment gym in October 2017. Working with the Mov3ment gym team we created a website to match the gym’s feel and style. Mov3ment use a membership management software to deal with new memberships, fees, and class bookings. This software was integrated into their site as well, so the software can be used as an app or through their site on all devices.

Mov3ment’s Website

Scotland Rugby League

D.S Web D.D designed and built the Scotland Rugby League website in May 2017. Their old website was fairly outdated and was difficult to read on mobile phones. Using a wordpress website, their new site is fully functional for their current needs and after training allowed them to update the site internally.

Scotland RL’s Website

IPOS – Ideal Point of Sale

IPOS a retail design specialist had created a design layout for their website but needed a hand building it. The building project included the first couple of days working in the IPOS head office to go over design specs and transitions from design to website. The aim was to combine a high quality design with a useable functional website. Take a look at the site below and see how we got on.

IPOS’ Website


SPG Fire & Security design and install fire & security systems across all of Scotland and in parts of England. It was important that they had a modern website to use as their shop window for clients and potential clients everywhere. The new website gives them a clean and attractive shop window and its fully responsive on all devices.

SPG’s Website

Body Active Training

Body Active Training is personal training and fitness coaching company that wanted a website to further professionalism to the business and to give clients a 24 hour access to the business. As the business often deals with clients one to one or in small groups the website allows information about health and nutrition to be shared will all easily.

Body Active Training’s Website

Global Rugby League Academy

The Global Rugby League Academy attracts rugby league players from countries around the world, its therefore paramount the academy has a website to give all potential player access. The academy was site up on a limited budget so uses a growth driven design approach with the site continually evolving as it grows. The first phase of the project was to quickly build a live site to give players access, stage 2 was a build a news section, and add content. Stage 3 with be an online e-commerce add on so the courses can be applied for online anywhere in the world.

GLRA’s Website